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Caitlyn Jenner Speaks Out About Kanye West’s Recent Behavior

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Caitlyn Jenner Speaks about Kanye West health and presidential run

Caitlyn Jenner is very supportive of her son-in-law. Speaking with “Good Morning Britain” this week the reality TV star called West “a good friend.” Jenner, The Kardashian patriarch added, “The only thing I can talk about is really how he treated me through everything and he has been the most kind, loving human being and so good to me throughout the years and especially going through everything I’ve been going through in the last five years.”

When asked about Kanye’s political aspirations during her appearance Jenner, a staunch Republican said, she “hope for the best for him. He’s a really good guy.” adding, “He’s a good person. He’s got a big heart.” Jenner says she hasn’t caught up with West in awhile since he’s been spending most of his time in Wyoming but says of his recent tweets and concern of his mental well being,  “He deals like everybody deals with things in their lives. He’s dealing with those things, but he’s a good person.”

Hear more from the former athlete below.


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