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Chance Crawford Says He Turned Down Chippendales Offer

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Chance Crawford says he turned down offer for chippendales_2


Chance Crawford shares a funny story with Jimmy Fallon, one he said is his former co-star Blake Lively’s favorite. It seems that Crawford turned down an opportunity to become a male exotic dancer.

“The Boys” star explained that he was working out when a man wearing “tight clothes” and too much cologne approached him at the gym. He jokes “He asked me for some headshots, which I, you know, usually carry to the gym, but didn’t have them that day,” adding, “He goes, ‘I do this bootcamp. Would you like to try out for Chippendales?’”

Chace said he politely turned down the offer and he’s glad his “plan B” worked out well. Hear more from Chance in the video below.


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