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Chris Evans Accidentally Shares Nude Photo Of Himself

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chris evans leaks nude pics

Chris Evans made a giant mistake when he accidentally leaked his own nudes on his social media.

The Captain America actor shared a short video to his Instagram Stories on yesterday of himself and some friends playing an innocent game of “Heads Up”.

But at the end of the video, a shot of the actor’s phone camera roll came up, which featured a close-up photo of a penis. The photo was a close up without the actor’s face in the image. The entire clip has since been deleted.

Evans is fairly new to the social media platform, having only joined 4 months ago. Evans hasn’t commented on the slip up but Twitter had a field day with jokes about the it making him one of the trending topics. Some fans came to his rescue flooding social media with photos and pics of Chris Evans doing good things like helping Betty White up the stairs at an award show or posing with his dog so to push the negative comments from the top of search engines.



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