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Emily Ratajkowski Going Through An “Emotional and Mental Battle” During Quarantine

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Emily Ratajkowski Sexy Pics From Quarantine

Model Emily Ratajkowski revealed to Vogue that this time in quarantine is  “more of an emotional and mental battle of keeping my spirits up and staying busy.” The star and her husband are in isolation in NYC but have left the house for short dog walks.

During this time in isolation Ratajkowski  says, “I’m planning on doing a lot more in the social justice space because that’s so important right now. But also, because Bernie [Sanders] dropped out, I also need some sort of hope … and advocating for people who don’t have advocates in these situations feels good.” She adds, “[I had] to put together a master schedule today; I was really overwhelmed by the amount of [Zoom] calls.”

That being said, Emily Ratajkowski sexy photos continue to pour into her social media as the star promoted her own clothing line. She says, “You’ll be amazed at how much little rituals of self-care can help lift your mood.”

Emily Ratajkowski Sexy Pics From QuarantineEmily Ratajkowski Sexy Pics From Quarantine


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