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‘Flipping Out’ Star Gage Edward Serves Jeff Lewis With Lawsuit On His Birthday

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jeff lewis talks a new lawsuit from his ex gage

On his SIRUS radio talk show, Jeff Lewis revealed his ex and former “Flipping Out” co-star Gage Edwards was suing him. Lewis said his ex-boyfriend had, “taken this to such an ugly place. It is calculating and measured to file a lawsuit on the day before my birthday,’

He continued, ‘Forget my birthday! During this time [of the coronavirus quarantine] right now to be doing this is sick. Now I’ve got to hire another attorney. So the amount of money we are spending fighting each other could be going to the people that need the money, like my employees by the way, half of which are laid off, half of which are working from home.’

Gage has filled a $125,000 civil suit for ‘breach of oral contract’ for not sticking to the payment plan they allegedly agreed upon a month after their split.

This is on top of the ongoing custody battle over Lewis and Edward’s three-year-old daughter Monroe Christine, whom they welcomed via surrogate in 2016.

Listen to Lewis’ talk more about the loan and lawsuits.



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