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Inside Cardi B’s Lavish Birthday Party For Daughter Kulture

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Cardi B throws lavish party for daughter3

Cardi B admitted to being an emotional mess as her daughter Kulture turned 2 years-old. The rapper and actress documented her daughter’s celebration in a slew of social media posts.

Cardi threw an LOL Doll-themed party featuring a huge balloon wall, plenty of food, along with face masks and sanitizer to ensure the party adhered to COVID-19 guidelines.

Cardi B throws lavish party for daughter3

Cardi And Kulture started the day showing off their new name anklets and watches designed by Patek from Pristine Jewelers and rainbow Ugg sandals. The pair then changed into matching Channel outfits that also match the design of their LOL Dolls.

Cardi B throws lavish party for daughter3

Take a look inside the party below with a special dance by dad Offset below.


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