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Jennifer Connelly Says Life In Quarantine Has Been “Very Difficult”

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Jennifer Connelly says she 's been in seclusion in vermont

While Jennifer Connelly was lucky enough to escape a big city traumatized by the coronavirus, life in the secluded Vermont town where she is quarantined with husband, Paul Bettany is proving to be difficult.

“I can’t remember if it’s three weeks or four weeks now that we’ve been here,” the Oscar winning actress, told  emmy magazine.  “We don’t go anywhere. The other day, the UPS guy came, and the kids got so excited. They were like, ‘We haven’t seen a person in a week! Can we watch?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah. Sure.’ And they literally sat on the staircase and watched as I opened the door and waved and talked to the UPS guy from a distance. That human connection, not having that contact, has been really difficult for everyone.”

Jennifer Connelly says she 's been in seclusion in vermont

Connelly and Bettany are with their son Stellan, 16, and daughter Agnes, 8, while their eldest Kai, 22, remains in L.A.

“We haven’t gone this long without seeing him,” she says. “Ever!”


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