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Joaquin Phoenix “Embarrassed” About Jerky On Set Behavior

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Joaquin Phoenix responds to clip of him yelling on set of Joker

A behind the scenes clip revealed that Joaquin Phoenix was a bit of a jerk on set of “The Joker” film. Jimmy Kimmel revealed the clip of Phoenix yelling at the film’s cinematographer for whispering on set. Around the 8 minute mark of the video below, Kimmel drops that bomb on Phoenix who says he was “embarrassed” by his behavior. He added, “Sometimes movies get intense. You have a lot of people in a small space and you’re trying to find something,” he said sheepishly. “That was supposed to be private, I’m sorry you guys [the audience] had to see that.”

He also went on to apologize saying, “I should probably publicly apologize to Larry. I am sorry, but he did whisper constantly while we’re trying to work, and sometimes it’s really hard to find the emotion you’re after… he shouldn’t have done it.”




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