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Justin Bieber Named This Model His Least Favorite of His Wife’s Friends

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Justin Bieber and cara delevingne at odds


James Corden released another segment with Justin Bieber  during which he asked which of wife Hailey Bieber’s friends was his least favorite. Instead of eating something gross, the pop star replied that Cara DeLevigne was the least favorite adding “I haven’t spent a lot of time with Cara.” However they were actually friends before Justin was even married. She walked the Victoria Secret runway show when he performed and the two even hung out at a hockey game.

Watch Justin’s response around the 6:50 mark of the video below.



It all has to do with the  Scooter Braun/Taylor Swift drama because Cara took her friend Taylor’s side while Justin took his friend (and manager) Scooter’s side. The two went back and forth with online comments and Hailey even jumped in saying Justin should be “uplifting women.”

Delevingne responded by posting some pics of her with Bieber along with the Corden clip. She commented, “If you have nothing against me, then why don’t you unblock me?”

She added, “Love you @haileybieber. He should have just eaten the bull penis.”


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