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Kane Brown Calls 911 After Getting Lost On His Own Property

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Kane BRown got lost on his own property


How big does your home need to be for you to get lost in it? Country star Kane Brown found out the answer after getting lost on his 30-acre lot. The young singer revealed, “I told my wife I wanted to go check out the property I’ll be 30 minutes. I went with my friend and his girl. I was in shorts and a t shirt. 30 minutes turned into 3 hours it started raining turned dark and dropped to 40 degrees.”

“I left my phone on the back of my truck my friends was on 7%. We used gps to try and get back but it kept taking us to all these cliffs that u can’t drive a 4 wheeler down and I wasn’t about to leave them,” he added. Brown went on to say in a Facebook post that he ended up calling the police to come and rescue him and almost was shot at.

Kane BRown got lost on his own property



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