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Kendall and Kylie Jenner call Dad Caitlyn “Our Hero”

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Kendall Kylie Jenner speak about their dad's transition

Five years after announcing her transition on the cover of Vanity Fair, Caitlyn Jenner spoke with People magazine about her monumental moment.

To celebrate Pride month, Kendall and Kylie Jenner also weighed in on how their relationships with their father have changed since her transition,   “When my dad came out as transgender, our relationship grew,” Kendall, told the magazine, “She could finally be honest with me. We could talk about deep emotions she was feeling through that time. Growing up my dad was not usually one to talk about her feelings so that was a big step for us.”

Kendall Jenner Calls dad her hero


Kylie said, “My dad has always been an inspiration to me, from winning the gold medal at the Olympics to getting her pilot’s license,” the cosmetics mogul says. “However, watching her live out her true self has been the most inspiring of them all.”


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