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Kim Kardashian In Tears As She’s Spotted Arguing With Kanye West

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Kim and Kanye spotted arguing (1)

Kim Kardashian was photographed in a car with Kanye West in Wyoming yesterday. West was allegedly keeping Kim at bay despite his apology to her. Kim flew to Cody, WY Monday after weeks of back and forth during his bipolar episode.

Their reunion didn’t look like a happy one though as Kim was seen crying as the celeb couple had a heated discussion. Paparazzi caught photos of the couple returning to the ranch after a trip to Wendy’s.

Kim and Kanye spotted arguing

A source close to the couples told People magazine “It’s all a bad situation” adding that Kim is “exhausted” and “hurt.” The un-named source says Kim flew out to Cody despite Kanye’s wishes because “she doesn’t want to be ignored anymore.”



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