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Kylie Jenner Celebrates Birthday In Bejeweled Corset

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Kylie Jenner birthday

Kylie Jenner‘s 22nd birthday was a far cry from last year’s luxury yacht trip. Because of the coronavirus lockdown, Jenner opted for a more quiet birthday at home with daughter Stormi.

She did manage to add some bling into her special day. Jenner posed on social media in a custom Bryan Hearns satin corset and skirt with the Roman numerals “XXIII” embellished in crystals on the front, along with a sparkling temporary tattoo on her chest to match.

Kylie Jenner birthday

She also had custom crystal-studded thigh-high stockings made, which she wore to a small dinner party later that night after swapping the skirt for a bodysuit underneath the corset, according to the designer.

Hearns told us Page Six that the corset  — which would retail for $950 — incorporates “a couple hundred” Swarovski crystals.

Jenner also shared a photo of her nearly in her birthday suit. Check out Kylie Jenner’s topless pic below.

Kylie Jenner topless photo


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