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Men Who Harrased Cardi B’s Sister Now Suing The Rapper For $20M

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cardi b and sister sued for posting video of altercation

A group of Trump-supporting Long Island beachgoers are suing Cardi B after she shared a video of their argument with her sister Hennessy. Peter Caliedo, Pauline Caliedo and Manuel Alarcon want at least $20 million in damages because they feel the clip unfairly painted them as bigots.

Although the video showed the big men screaming at Cardi’s sister to move her car for no explained reason, the men say Hennessy Carolina, and her girlfriend, model Michelle Diaz, in fact threatened and spit at Peter Caliendo, his wife Pauline Caliendo and Manuel Alarcon on Smith Point Beach on Sept. 6.

At a press conference with their lawyer Tuesday, the plaintiffs insisted that “We are not racist. We are not homophobes. I am a Roman Catholic. I have no issues at all,” Peter Caliendo told reporters.

Cardi has since deleted the reposted video but you can view it below.


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