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The Kardashians Sure Have Changed A LOT Since Their 2007 Air Date

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Reality TV’s first family has changed a lot over the years. The Kardashians have added more kids, marriages, divorces and even a sex change. We’ve compiled some pictures that show how the family looked then and how they look now.


The Kardashians All Together

First episode of the Kardashians aired on October 14, 2007

Keeping Up with the Kardashians (often abbreviated KUWTK) allowed us to see inside the personal and professional lives of the Kardashian–Jenner blended family.  The world became voyeurs and the Kardashians became filthy rich.  Despite being  presented as a “reality show”, it is widely known that many situations, including fights, two marriage proposals, and even the home where the family supposedly lives, are fake or staged. Nevertheless, TV viewers loved it and got to watch the family members evolve before our very eyes. Check out the Kardashian’s then and now in the pictures below:

Kris Jenner Then And Now Picture

Momager Kris Jenner always had that dominatrix look.

Rob Kardashian before and After weight gain picture

Rob packed on a few pounds and became a father.

Scott Disick Then And Now

Scott sprouted facial hair.

Kylie Jenner before and after picture

Who knew this geeky child would turn into a hot young momma and billionaire.

Kendall Jenner Then And Now Picture

Kendall is now hot stuff on the catwalk

Khloe Kardashian Then and Now Picture

We aren’t certain this is the same person but…

Kourtney Kardashian Before and After Picture

We always loved Kourt’s subtle class and appeal.

Kim Kardashian Younger & Older Picture

Kim has evolved into the ultimate vixen and her body has definitely gotten curvier.



Caitlyn Jenner before and after picture

Bruce Jenner is definitely the most drastic change of the family. He is now a she..and that sums that up.

Kim Kardashian GIF

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