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Vivica A. Fox Slams 50 Cent For Comments On “Angry” Black Women

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Vivica A fox slams 50 cent

50 Cent made some controversial commencements during an interview with Lil Wayne. The rapper, author and mogul said revealed his thoughts about black women getting “angry” which is why he prefers to date “exotic” women.

Vivica A. Fox, who dated 50 Cent, offered her thoughts on the subject during her live Fox Soul show. The actress said, “When I read that, I was like, ‘really, you would say that because you don’t want anybody to challenge you or talk to you, you want somebody to sit over there like a pretty little dog. You can’t handle a black woman, can you?’”

Known for his internet trolling, 50 Cent responded to Fox’s statement saying, “Vivica still in love with me, i dated her for 4 months 😳17 years ago and she’s still angry with me.”


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